FinDuMonde 'Licantropia' review

(Cumpa Records)

Receiving this for review from LSW (visit their website) was pretty cool for a number of reasons - not only I'm glad to see fellow Bulgarians doing a good job for the underground but also because FinDuMonde are an Argentinian band. And Argentinian metal is quite the mystery for me, I don't know why but after two decades delving in the deepest pits of the scene, there's probably a tape-traded demo or two by Vibrion in my collection and nothing else from that country...weird or what? So, I've been curious already to hear what the band sounds like, nervously pondering on the possible Pantera influence suggested in the accompanying bio. If you know me you'd know how I think the only good thing Pantera related are their early album covers, purely because of how utterly lame they look. Sure, there's a solid dose of 'groove' in FinDuMonde's music and when the band goes for those start/stop riffs my interest and enjoyment decreases a bit, but apart from that the album is pretty good. Things I like about it: the musicianship is really tight, the mix is powerful and muscular, the pace of the tunes is relentless and the throaty, Spanish-sung, vocals are all about business - a good dose of rage and anger has been exorcised from the members throughout the 8 songs on offer, that's for sure. Such aggressive style should go down well in a live setting, with a mass of sweaty, hardcore headbangers giving their all. If fast-paced, South American metal with tendencies of hitting you train-wreck style sounds like fun to you, then this is the album to own. [7]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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