Cultfinder 'Black Thrashing Terror' review

'Black Thrashing Terror' EP
(Eldritch Lunar Miasma)

Ain't it sickeningly perverse  receiving  digital promo of a 7'' EP? It's 2012, probably the Mayans got it right, after all, ha-ha. Now seriously - congrats to Tom of Eldritch Lunar Miasma on his debut vinyl outing and for the neat idea of pressing the A and B sides on different speed. Apart from being a wise decision time-wise this also gives certain quirkiness to the record, not to mention the possible confusion of some tipsy thrasher flipping the record over.
The tunes themselves easily live up to justify the chosen title, as Cultfinder have in abundance the qualities and raw nerve required by the style. The foot is on the pedal for most of the duration, with added slower sections for good measure, the vocals are caustic and suitably tormented sounding , while the drumming is really energetic, giving out the band's British origins by having a smack of filthy punk to them. The title track is easily my fave pick of the three, not in small part, I believe, due to its fist-pumping and utterly charming refrain - c'mon I can see wild thrashers in some pit of a club screaming 'Black Thrashing Terror' alongside the band until they're all out of breath. Much like the majority of the (predominantly) Australian bands operating in the same style, I'd assume Cultfinder have been raised on a diet of raw meat, strong ale and early Teutonic thrash, Slaughter Lord and Possessed vinyl. That's an upbringing I like a lot, thumbs up to Cultfinder! [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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