Hypnosia 'Horror Infernal' review

'Horror Infernal'
(I Hate Records)

I had a surprise when I hit play on this disc, I am so used to I Hate focusing on doom metal lately, that the violent thrash metal that exploded out my headphones was a shock to the system, a pleasant shock. Another pleasant surprise was seeing the old classic “Speed Metal” symbol made legendary by the great old Canadian label Banzai Records, who released all the classics back in the day from Venom and many other classic bands for Canada. Surprising since this a Swedish bands album but I loved that, would love to hear the origins of that. Hypnosia are sadly split up these days and as you may have guessed this a compilation album, which features tracks from the bands ‘96/97 demos, ’99 mini-album and a couple bonus tracks to round things off. As I said this is ripping, dirty and violent thrash metal that would probably turn on fans of the classic thrash/death band Demolition Hammer. I guess I could call Hypnosia thrash/death as well, as they do have partially yelled thrash vocals mixed with a death metal type growl and the guitars have some dm influence as well. But overall this is just a mean and brutal thrash metal album and it is fantastic! 'Horror Infernal' is 16 songs and 50 minutes of head bang inducing metal you should check out.
(Dale Roy)


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