Realmbuilder 'Fortifications Of The Pale Architect' review

'Fortifications Of The Pale Architect'
(I Hate Records)

I am pleased to see New York’s Realmbuilder return to the pages of Canadian Assault [And Dead Void Dreams now - ED]. I reviewed their debut album a couple of years ago, it was excellent and they made me a fan of the band. Realmbuilder definitely still have that classic doom feel and pacing. Yet at times the music comes off more as slow and epic heavy metal, damn good epic heavy metal mind you. They have a very hypnotic atmosphere to their music, it relaxes me and sends my mind wandering. The music is relatively simple, but effective with some great meandering riffs and vocals care of Czar that are half spoken/half sung. Those vocals for some are probably an acquired taste but I find them mesmerizing, during sections they are absent I find myself waiting for them to start up again. There are some good, subtle guitar fills / leads on here that really add a some flavour to the song, but the band are careful not to over use this tool. Fans of bands like Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Saint Vitus, Morningstar, Brocas Helm, Ironsword, Paul Chain (more in vibe than sound) etc., I think you will absolutely like and probably even love Realmbuilder.
(Dale Roy)


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