Realmbuilder 'Summon The Stone Throwers' review

'Summon The Stone Throwers'
(I Hate Records)

You got to love how the UG scene works its magic. It takes a Swedish label to turn me on to a band from New York City, only a couple hours drive down the road. I am just now finding out as well that the main man behind this band by the name of Czar, is actually S. Craig Zahler. I remember this guy handing me a copy of his fanzine, at a metalfest in New Jersey, many years ago. Then of course he went on to be one the better writers for Metal Maniacs magazine. Anyway, Craig plays drums and sings on 'Summon...'. His vocal delivery is sort of half spoken / half sung, not many bands do vocals like but I enjoy them. I have a feeling they might be considered an acquired taste for some. Some might find them a tad cheesy, but who cares about those people. He has a sound of his own to his vocals, which in this day and age is big compliment. The band delves into the fantasy world with their imagery and lyrics. I think lovers of things like J.R.R. Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragons, Robert Jordan novels / imagery and similar things will dig that. Realmbuilder have that sort of dry, epic and laid back style maybe a little like early Candlemass or Manilla Road. The bio lists Morningstar as an influence. I could definitely see that, I am a huge fan of their old demo tape 'Inside the Circle of Pentagram'. They are in a hurry to do nothing with their stripped down and hypnotic sort of style. I have to be honest I am kind of excited to see more and more of this style of classic NWOBHM and classic epic doom, coming from America. It may be a nod to the past in many ways, but I would argue that it also adds a fresh air our scene needs and could use more of these days. With each and every listen I find Realmbuilder draw me in just a little further than before. I am quite addicted to their sound at this point. You should be to.
 (Dale Roy)


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