Heretic 'Praising Satan' review

'Praising Satan'
(Soulseller Records)

Well it is odd to me at least that these guys have been around for 15 years and this is the first I had recall hearing of them. 'Praising Satan' is apparently some sort of best of / compilation release that apparently is celebrating '15 Years Of Ultimate Satanic Sleaze'. I can not seem get a handle on whether this is supposed to be a joke band or something serious. Obviously the logo is a homage or simply mocking the logo of Beherit. I seen an interview online and the guy in the interview acted serious in it and said he was a devotee of Beherit, Barathrum, Mayhem, Root, Darkthrone. So I guess I will give the benefit of the doubt there is supposed to be some sort of serious intent behind the band. The whole presentation of the band, album and song titles such as 'Horns of Hell', 'Thunderbelial', 'Pure Goat Glorification', 'Black Metal Overlords' had me wondering though. The music itself is decent for what is, and is simple sloppy punk rock with a metal undertone and some definite Venom worship. Which is always a good thing in my books, being a Venom maniac myself. Nothing amazing here, but I could still appreciate it. Obviously any black metal fans who pick it up that are looking for pure bm or sympho type crap and do not care for punk, will be easily and quickly disappointed. They are certainly unique that is for sure. I would say fans of raunchy punk, Venom and Piledriver type stuff will like this.
(Dale Roy)


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