Hat 'Vortex Of Death' review

'Vortex Of Death'
(Abyss Records)

The Hat keep the old Norwegian classic black metal traditions alive. I never tire of this sound, style no matter how many times I hear it again and again. It is probably only fair that you know that about me ? I worship old school black metal. You can tell listening to this that Hat themselves have listened to and possess great reverence for the old bands on their early works like Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor, Graveland etc. It is just so hateful, cold, cutting you to pieces with cruel torture. Yes I do not tire of their archetypal obscure bm rasp vocals, tremolo picking and hypnotic driven drumming. 'Vortex of Death' is really well done and you can just feel the men behind it are dedicated to what they are doing. I simply can not resist recommending this album highly to you.
 (Dale Roy)


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