Gravewurm 'Blood Of The Pentagram' review

'Blood Of The Pentagram'
(Hells Headbangers)

It is good to hear Gravewurm once again, it has been a little while for me. It is too bad to hear that this album will be the final curtain call for the band. They have been around 20 years! I used to be in contact / friends with the main man of this band (we lost contact over the years). In fact, I recall doing a couple tape trades with him and he recorded me some great Macabre stuff among other things. Shit I am old as that tape trade was about a decade ago ha-ha. Anyway, back to the album at hand here. Gravewurm still worship the sounds of old and I hear some stuff like Nunslaughter, Varathron, Sathanas, Acheron etc. I suppose in some ways not a lot has changed, it still sounds like some metalhead coming up with some good heavy straight forward riffs and just basically jamming them without much variation or dynamics. Then take those jam riffs and fit some drums and vocals over top of it rather than attempting to make the riffs fit the other instruments and vice versa. So it is straight forward and can get a little monotone at times, but it still has a cool aura to it and you can definitely headbang to it. Being able to bang your head while having that raw old school sound is a good thing. Followers that like intricate song crafting will not get into this. The vocals are raspy whispered growls that are not a strong point for the band, but manage to get the job done. Nothing too essential here yet die hards of the old school sound that are not too picky will surely find something to like here. 
(Dale Roy)


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