Grave Desecrator 'Insult' review

(Hells Headbangers)

Brazilian black thrash the way you expect it to be played with the past rich history of bands from South America. You know that obscure sounding, dirty riffing and dark echo style production, the recording here is better than many old releases. But you can hear influence of the earlier works of bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano type style mixed with early German thrash releases like Sodom and Kreator. The solos on 'Insult' are smoking hot and hit you short and quick, but definitely add something to the song. The guitars at times are more mid paced and heavy with some break neck speed bursts. The mix of those speeds giving Grave Desecrator a more fleshed out sound. The vocals are classic old school whispered shouts with that thrash growl and their marriage with the music is well met. I think this record would be appreciated by all old school thrash metal fans who like their music on the dangerous and sinister side.
(Dale Roy)


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