Reino Ermitano 'Veneracion del Fuego'

'Veneracion del Fuego'
(I Hate Records)

There is a first for everything and listening to a doom metal band from Peru is a first for me. A welcome and exotic first at that and the band surfaces on what is probably the best doom metal record label on the planet. The thing that struck me off the start was just how unprocessed, raw and organic the production on 'Veneracion…' feels. Upon reading the bio after a couple of listens, I see they recorded this album the old fashion way through analogue recording equipment. It sounds fantastic, you get this guttural sort of vibe you can feel in your chest from the music, I miss that sort of sound so much on newer albums these days. Some sections of songs they have a very weird timing and feel to their riffs, it is almost like a thrash metal band decided they wanted to write a doom metal album, very interesting. The rest of the time the music is very free flowing, melancholic and introspective with a distinctive 70s vibe to their sound. The vocalist Tania Duarte has a great hypnotic and spellbinding voice that just melts into the music and fits in just perfectly complimenting the music. You most definitely get your monies worth with this album too, there are ten songs and nearly half of them clock in at almost 10 minutes in length each. I like it.
(Dale Roy)


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