Master 'The New Elite' review

'The New Elite'
(Pulverised Records)

Apparently for Paul Speckmann the home is where the disease is the and the current hard times have seemingly re-fuelled his vitriolic rage to epic proportions, which is only good for the listener. 'The New Elite' is here to kick your ass and then some, spitting bile and pointing fingers in an extremely intense fashion - a raging combination of blistering riffs and solos, hyper-kinetic drumming and Paul's patented snarls and bass lines. 45 minutes do fly in a heart beat, the eleven songs wouldn't let you catch your breath and those lame neck muscles would be screaming in vain for mercy and a nice spa treating. This is a textbook example of doing things right and Master most certainly know the secret recipe of mixing old school death metal and punk/hardcore energy along with some thrash and modern day death spices to give the listener value for their money. 'The New Elite' has once again reassured the faith that this band's fire is far from extinguishing and that's amazing news in a scene spawning bands with little to no integrity and bite. Couple of attributes Paul has proven over the years he's got in abundance and could put to good use. [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)

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