Forgotten Tomb / Whiskey Ritual 'Tribute To GG Allin' review

'Tribute To GG Allin' (7'' EP + CD)
(Lo-Fi Creatures)

Just what it says on the tin: a tribute to the troubled troubadour, the scumbag junkie, the outlaw scumfuc GG Allin. You love GG? Then buy the damn thing - this shit is cool. The sound is great, still suitably dirty and both bands have faithfully kept the raw edge and the notorious 'fuck off' attitude GG Allin was known for. No need for naming a particular favourite, as these are covers of long-time favorites of mine, so here's the track list : Forgotten Tomb do 'Expose Yourself To Kids', 'Gypsy Motherfucker' and 'I Kill Everything I Fuck', while Whiskey Ritual tear up through 'Die When You Die', 'Bite It You Scum' and 'Drink Fight And Fuck', including couple of GG's samples as well . Stellar selection of songs that will undoubtedly place a lunatic grin on your face. A one-finger salute to everything and everyone. Buy now or cry later. [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 

'Well you hate me and I hate you'


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