Grave Desecrator 'Deathspells Rising' review

'Deathspells Rising'

I say this again that black metal is not my thing, but I have to say something about this album. I can say this band is remarkable, the fury with which it is executed is well done, black metal directly to the vein, keeping the old school sound along with funeral guitars, the voice is definitely wild and this isn't monotonous and is influenced by legendary bands. Also include a cover of Bathory ('Sacrifice') - very good tribute to Quorthon, not bad to listen some black metal from time to time. If you want to hear fast guitars and sick drumming combined with sick rage vocals,check out for this album that undoubtedly will leave you satisfied, Brazilian underground is still alive and well. Much respect for this band for daring to sound so beastly.
(Paul Caravasi)

Grave Desecrator


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