Manetheren 'Time' review

(Debemur Morti Productions)

The fourth full – length album of Manetheren perhaps cannot be appreciated from the first hearing. The long duration of the album, with its sophisticated almost post-black atmosphere may be extremely tiring for some black metal listeners. However, a second listening reveals many more feelings and emotions. Far from being raw and aggressive, and without following the traces of its previous old school black metal works, the band from Minnesota offers six dark songs full of mysticism, occultism, depression and contemplation. The buzzing guitar with the repetitive riffs combined with the low bass, the use of keyboards and the clean vocals touch the limit of progressive sound, only to give their position to guitar riffing explosions and desperate vocals. Nothing remains the same in human’s life and the transitions between the songs of this album depict this constant change. The listener feels like falling into the abyss of his inner soul, travelling to unknown destinations through a continuous agonizing purgatory, lost in gloomy places and with the hope of finding the one who will save him from this eternal sorrow. At the end, the man’s journey to his inner state of mind comes to an end and so does this 74-minute album. [7]
(Dark Alice's nightingale) 



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