Dead River Runs Dry 'Winter' review


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Another black metal band? Another black metal demo? Nope… It is one of the most pleasant surprises of every black metal fan. Even from the first song, ‘Dying Gleam of the Sun Eternal’, you know that you are not going to hear something trite. Although 'Winter' contains only four songs, it succeeds in capturing and portraying all the hostility, the anger and the misanthropy dominating today. Dead River Runs Dry travels the listener to a black atmosphere, where there is nothing but ruthless hatred, where the human is unable to do anything to change his fate. The reality is bleak and grievous in the band’s damned and pessimistic grey desert, where everything is hopeless. Without being ‘one of the same’ black metal stuff, the band exceeds the genre’s clich├ęs. Blasting drums, along with massive bass and mellifluous burning guitar riffs, combine the scene of this well done self – released debut demo. The grudging growling vocals of Gentle are excellent, as they manage to depict all the disgust and contempt of this world. At the end, what is left to the listener is the darkness and the malignancy of the human soul, as well the desire to hear this demo over and over again. Undoubtedly this promising band from Australia make us expecting more and more and more... [9]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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