Loathsome 'Born From Rot' review

'Born From Rot'
(Gore House Productions)

Nothing like some "Equal rights now!" activity to get the blood pumping in those freezing November days, no? Be smart, lose your brain, arm yourself with rusty medical scissors and join us at the front-line under the gore-splattered banner that reads "Zombies need their music to dance to". We're all the same vile breed here - the odour of Impetigo is the sweetest perfume to us, Haemorrhage is the essential soundtrack whilst hanging rotting cadavers onto those meat-hooks in our living rooms and when the muse pays a visit we always end up with tunes that are fast, heavy and groovy in the meanest possible manner. The dancing might not be the prettiest, but who cares when the body twists and turns in beautifully grotesque ways? Ahoy, the coming days of Parkinson's disease - we've been preparing for you for decades! Loathsome are officially cool - and some of their coolness steams from the fact they've remained true to the great recipe of gore death / grind: make them suffer with a smile on their faces. Crisp production and solid playing, not to mention Nev should be the first on Luisma's list to fill his duties if the Spaniard ever gets food poisoning that forces him missing a tour. [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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