Oak Pantheon 'From A Whisper' review

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'From A Whisper'
(Broken Limbs Recordings)

An amazing listening experience from Oak Pantheon is being offered via the band’s first full – length album; it moves between atmospheric and post black metal, mixing elements of the old school black, dark and doom metal. Perhaps it is not so complicated, but the atmosphere of the album leaves us no chance to categorize its musical compositions to only one genre. Although one could expect such an album from the masters of this genre, the Scandinavians, the band comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota and provides us evidence that this scene is still alive on the other side of the Atlantic. Excellent guitar riffs that are very catchy sometimes, incredible drums that erupt and vocals varying from whispers, to clear and growling purely black metal are the basic elements for the magic recipe of Oak Pantheon. All the melancholic and heavy atmosphere of the album is further enhanced by the use of piano and acoustic guitar, which are responsible for the beautiful and melodic instrumental passages. “From A Whisper’ is the song that encompasses all the dramatic antithesis found in the album, while ‘It’ is just a music masterpiece, aiming directly to the emotion of the listener with its dark and underlying power. An album that is really worth hearing and that will surely satisfy the fans of Gallowbraid and Novembers Doom, as well as those who seek something melodic, atmospheric and very black at the same time. [9]
(Dark Alice's nightingale) 


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