Hunter's Ground 'No God But The Wild' review

'No God But The Wild'
(Broken Limbs Recordings)

First full-length album for the Virginia's, USA, trio, which continues the impressive work of the EP 'Estrous'. The album was recorded in the woods of Appalachia, using generator-powered equipment and the outcome is impressive: amazing understandable vocals varying from low and at the same time full of power and emotion growls to screams full of despair and anger, blistering and repetitive drums and catchy riffs are the characteristics of this album, which expresses the alienation of the human beings from Mother Earth due to the current way of life. All songs constitute a paradigm of pure and authentic black metal, incorporating some atmospheric elements, as in the last song of the album ‘The Fireless Winter’. The dark atmosphere is pervasive throughout the whole album and especially in the song ‘And Fed Their Flesh to the Vultures’, which could be easily the soundtrack of the album. The raw black metal characteristics are mixed with more slow, doom vocals and guitars in the title track, while the surprise of the album is the instrumental ‘Speaking in the Tongues of Trees’. The almost ritual vocals are combined with a low pace trembling guitar and the song ends up with the sound of falling rain, bringing images of Buddhist meditation music. Maybe this track is what characterizes the overall different style of Hunter’s Ground from a common black metal band.
(Dark Alice's nightingale)

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