Sabbath Assembly 'Ye Are Gods' review

'Ye Are Gods'
(Svart Records)

The second full-length album of Sabbath Assembly in general follows the concept of their first album ‘Restored to One’. The members of the band are dedicated to the heresies of “The Process Church of The Final Judgment”, introduced in the late 1960s, according to which Christ and Satan are reconciled with each other at the Judgment Day. ‘Ye are Gods’ is more melodic than its ancestor and with less psychedelic rock sound, but it remains as strong as the previous album at a lyrical level. The solemn character of the whole atmosphere, the coherent sound, the seductive and harmonious voice of Vox - Jamie Myers as the Evangelist and the deep voice of Genesis P-Orridge as the Sacrifist along with the religious lyrics call upon a folk-rock hymn to the God. The female choir at the beginning of the album serves as a ritual invitation to all of us to follow the path of love, conquering fear and biting the Evil. At the end it is about a project with a religious and almost utopian vision, interesting enough to be heard once.
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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