Symon-Muzyka 'Symon-Muzyka' review

(Strong Music)

This is the first full-length album of Symon-Muzyka, a folk metal project of members of Dialectic Soul and the folk ensemble ‘Rechytskіya muzykі. Inspired by the poetry of Yakub Kolas, this band mixes female clear vocals with male growled vocals. With the use of excellent guitar solos and folk instruments the band creates a coherent amalgam of classic heavy metal music, black metal vocals and traditional Belorussian sound, which keeps one’s interest throughout the whole album. The final result is aggressive, due to the male vocals, melodic due to the guitar solos, and folk, due to the female vocals and the folk instruments. The language may be an obstacle, as the knowledge of the language and hence the understanding of the lyrics would lead in a more in-depth knowledge with the band. However, this debut album is strongly recommended to those who listen to pagan folk metal, as well as to those who want to hear a new and different sound from the upcoming metal scene of Belarus.
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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