Ea 'Ea' review

(Solitude Productions)

Ea’s 'Ea' is the fourth album of this band and it is positively differentiated from their previous work. The one-track album of the funeral doomsters from St. Petersburg, Russia, begins with a piano interlude mixed up with macabre doom elements. A feeling of depression fills the whole album, as the funeral sound, the vocals of a choir and the keyboards gives the impression of listening to an organ concert at Dom. The hypnotic style of the song is enhanced from the monotonous and sorrowful rhythm of the guitar, along with the the sound of water and the low black-growled vocals singing sacral scriptures in a dead language. The changes are constant throughout the song, as the crying guitar solos are replaced from a suicidal depressive black metal atmosphere and again from a funeral mood. This worth-listening masterpiece from Ea is definitely a journey of imagination, emotions and feelings.
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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