Midnight 'Complete And Total Hell' review

'Complete And Total Hell'
(Hells Headbangers)

Dale's review of their proper debut full-length album 'Satanic Royalty' will answer your question "who is that" if Midnight are still an unknown entity to you. Hell, this is Dead Void Dreams you're reading so chances of that are null. A big "thank you" and a resounding drunken "cheers" salute goes into Hells Headbangers' direction for releasing this compilation of red hot carnality and infernal decadence. Not the first time for the band to offer a compilation type album but with the limited nature of those 7 inchers and splits of theirs the idea holds well. Raw, catchy and instantly headbangable, Athenar's Midnight are all you need for a mighty good time, reducing the ongoing Venom soap opera reunion carcass to dust and then some. Right, not the most "in depth" or "intellectual" review the world has ever seen but the music doesn't warrant one - get this 21 song album (preferably the 2-LP version), indulge in unhealthy amounts of your favourite alcoholic poison and blast the fucker LOUD! They say the simple things are the best. How fuckin true. [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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