Winters 'Berlin Occult Bureau' review

'Berlin Occult Bureau'
(Van Records)

After five years, the album 'Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies' find its continuity. The Scottish trio Winters release their second full-length album 'Berlin Occult Bureau' on Van Records on 31st August. As their first album and EP, the band has adopted a sludge / doom sound, even if the voice of Fyfe does not help so much in characterizing the band as doomy. The hypnotic sound and the pessimist lyrics makes the album sounds more like psychedelic indie rock of the 1990s, which is no difference from the previous works. Although inspired by Kiss, The Damned and The Kinks, the members of the band describe their sound as ‘Ace Frehley on downers’. Winters provide us an alternative doom sound, giving us an example of what the Scottish metal scene can do. It is definitely worth listening. [6]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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