Falls Of Rauros 'The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood' review

'The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood'
(Bindrune Recordings)

I do not think I have ever heard black / viking / folk sort of epic metal this good from a North American band before. I was sure when I pressed play that I would find out Falls of Rauros were from somewhere in Scandinavia. So imagine my surprise when I investigate and find out this quality outfit hails from the mist swept forests of Maine. At times they make me think of one of my all time faves of this style Kampfar. Falls produce some grand mental landscapes and produce in me waves of introspective and mournful emotions. They interweave some heavy galloping parts with flowing folkish acoustic guitars displaying a dexterity that illustrates their mature song writing skill. I really enjoyed this but you probably have to be in a mellow, low key kind of mood and be willing to let yourself be carried away with the current. For me it is a fine counterpoint to put on against the hate and extremity that often fills much of my musical preference.
(Dale Roy)


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