Obsequiae 'Suspended In The Brume Of Eos'

'Suspended In The Brume Of Eos'
(Bindrune Recordings)
'Suspended in The Brume Of Eos' is the debut of this metal horde from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my view, this is a strong first release for the band and it becomes quite apparent why Bindrune became interested in them. Bindrune are known for having fine tastes when it comes to melodic, epic and progressive sounding dark / black metal. They are a label that releases in quality and not quantity, Obsequiae continue the tradition. There are some wonderful twin guitar harmonies going on, as well as some fine acoustic work, yet it is always balanced structurally with a thought not towards making it just catchy, but rather towards mapping out a long and winding mental journey. They mix their dark metal sound with elements of heavy metal, black metal and medieval folkish strains, so nothing new there yet they do it more skilfully than most. Obsequiae create songs with it, not merely a patch work quilt of influences. The vocals are kept obscured in the back of the mix and at times are sparsely used, but decidedly they are decidedly of the style most often associated with black metal. The vocals are deployed in a somewhat accompaniment type fashion rather than being a focal point of their musical landscape. 'Suspended In The Brume Of Eos' is not just a collection of songs, but as I said earlier a journey which must be taken resulting in a wonderful album.
(Dale Roy) 


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