M.F.A.G.C.O.Q.D. 'Devolution' review

(United Guttural Records)

Mincing Fury come at you like a screaming fireball of metal coming from the Czech Republic. The Czech is a country that longtime underground minions will recognize as a hotbed of grindcore / brutal death mix the last couple decades. It will also come as no surprise that 'Devolution' fits nicely into that description as well. You could even say they helped solidify that reputation as they have been mincing it up in the Czech scene for a decade now. I always find it a little hard to describe these releases. It is basically gurgling, toilet growling vocals, on top of spastic fast guitars intermingled with slower sections, always return to lightning fast blast beat insano drumming. Mixed in between all of this sickness are many crazy, off-beat samples. It is probably an acquired taste for some people. Especially those that like all their metal to refined, thought provoking, presented on over produced albums. You will not find that here at all. Personally though, I have always loved the lunacy and the break neck speed and resulting destruction left in its wake from this style. If you like that shit too, then check this out, by all means.
(Dale Roy) 


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