Volturyon 'Coordinated Mutilation' review

'Coordinated Mutilation'
(United Guttural Records)

Volturyon hit us up with their sophomore record and my first listening of this Swedish group. Maybe you are expecting some old Swedish death metal or perhaps the newer melodic Scandinavian sounds? You would be wrong on both counts. What 'Coordinated Mutilation' is all about is brutality and I am talking about brutality of the American kind. I think it would be fair to say Cannibal Corpse is a big influence on these guys and a template for their music. Sure it is derivative, but it is also executed quite well and Volturyon hit you with a barrage of barbwire wrapped riffs, some excellent drum work, the odd guitar soloing and caged bear adrenalized vocals. I enjoyed it. But let’s be honest this is really only for diehard fans of vicious American death metal made popular in the 90s. Then again if you are shopping the United Guttural catalog then you already worship this style of violent storm.
(Dale Roy) 


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