Fyrnask 'Bluostar' review

(Temple Of Torturous)

I like the layout of this album; it comes on a fold out cardboard case with the booklet in one pocket and the disc in the other. The layout is kind of stark, simplistic with classic landscapes and artwork that gives off a really melancholic wandering sort of feeling. It reflects the music itself quite well. This German band is another in a line of one man atmospheric and black metal bands. The hymns on 'Bluostar' are just that an atmospheric, again wandering forlorn and introspective music mixed with aggressive short bursts of all out early 90s style black metal. The vocals are pretty sparse at times, but I think the instrumentation is what is supposed to be on display front and centre. But you do get the yelled black metal rasps as well as hymn like chanting and the odd spoken word bit. Overall I really got into this and it took me on a mental journey with this project. It is so perfect the time I listen to this album as it is a dark, overcast morning where I live in the mountains, a heavy fog has been steadily rolling in off the mountain peaks. Yes this is the soundtrack for my environment and that is probably adding to my enjoyment. It is hard not to recommend this record. I think the only criticism I would offer is the depressive atmospheric mainstay and the transitions to the harsh black metal material could be married together a little smoother at times. But that is a small complaint on an otherwise recommended record all done by the hands and mind of one man. Impressive.
(Dale Roy) 


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