Drunken Bastards 'Horns Of The Wasted' review

'Horns Of The Wasted' MCD
(Hells Headbangers)
Now how can you not get a kick out of a band with members who go by monikers like Gaylord Shemale, Bitchy Rockmore and Alcoholic Sperm?! They also claim they are “Too metal for punk and too punk for metal” – that sounds about right and also sounds like something I would like. I did not look at the running time but I would guess it barely hits the twenty minute mark. Drunken Bastards deliver like they promise, adult beverage soaked raunchy speed metal ala Cryptic Slaughter, Gang Green mixed with Agnostic Front and some crazy other bands that are on the tip of my tongue right now but will not come out. These boys just rage full speed ahead on every song with some nasty heavy riffs that are catchy and sound cool as hell with the rapid fire drums and gang shouted vocals back ups. Yeah I really dig this. But I have always dug bands like this. Some metal purists might not. How can you go wrong with song titles like “Drink With Satan”, “Baptized In Speed And Blood” and “Posercrusher”? These Hungarians are right twisted.
(Dale Roy)


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