Forgjord 'Sielunvihollinen' review

(Hammer Of Hate Records)

I always look forward to a new promo pack from Hammer Of Hate - if there was a label that knows their violent black metal, it is them. This time the label unleashes FORGJORD's third release and what an assault on the senses. Cold, vicious and pure violent black metal just the way it is meant to be played. FORGJORD embrace the classic Finnish sound perfectly with harsh screechy vocals, raw razor-sharp guitars that will tear your soul apart with each riff and drums that are all over the place with mid-paced beats to more a furious barrage of blast beats. FORGJORD will not disappoint any of the bands long-time fans, or if you,like me, are new to the band but you enjoy cold,vicious Finnish black then this band's latest is a must have.


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