Coprostasis 'D.E.A.T.H.' review

'Dirty Exterminating Arrogant Turbo Holocaust'

Ooh Crikey It's... The Return of the Fabulous (see what I did here?) Copromafia, aka Coprostasis. Having had the rather questionable honour of being one of the first bands I reviewed for this zine (here, scroll down a bit) the gang's latest album is yet another example of what's wrong with yours truly music tastes. Why, yes - I like it dirty and arrogant, and I like it when an album makes me giggle hysterically every now and then, whilst pouring down another beer in the belly. Yep, I'm talking about having fun times and those charming odes to necrophilia, violence and drug abuse are suiting that particular mood perfectly. Coprostasis' death metal has all the ingredients an old-school maniac would be digging - there's enough groove 'n grind, thrash-on-steroids intensity and punk/hardcore styled rawness. All you sickoids should immediately stop whatever you're doing right now, be it packing the bong or cooking human stew or whatever floats your boat and get this album. You don't wanna missing out on this fine soundtrack to the killing spree you've been planning since the last bitch dumped ya, right? Kudos to the Copromafia for putting this out in such adorable digipak, too. Glad to see pimp money spent good, guys. [8]
(Vladimir 'Razorback' Petrov)


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