Entrench 'Inevitable Decay' review

'Inevitable Decay'
(Abyss Records)

Entrench from Sweden play violent "classic" thrash metal. The band seems to be influenced mostly by the early German gods of yesterday. The musicians of Entrench have a lot of good musical ideas to keep the music both fresh and memorable while keeping the pure thrash sound and attack alive within Entrench's songs. Chaotic fast guitars that while being played at insane speeds also have some complex structures and solo's that are pulled off flawlessly. It seems their are a lot of thrash metal bands coming out of nowhere in the scene but Entrench have a lot of great ideas added within their thrash that makes this band definitely one to stand out and above the endless sea of others currently flooding the scene. Fans of intense, raging thrash definitely get a hold of Entrench's 'Inevitable Decay' today!!


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