Harpoon 'Deception Among Birds' review

'Deception Among Birds'
(Seventh Rule Recordings)
Harpoon is a three piece band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. I immediately thought of the band Cavity when I hit play. Though Harpoon are far more polished sounding, more controlled and their use of feedback on the guitars is more subtle than those maniacs. The songs are well crafted and there is actually a lot going on, despite not sounding cluttered. The vocals of Toney Vast-Binder are harsh, pissed off sounding yells with a lot of conviction and energy put into the delivery. The pacing of the music is nice as well, it has some speed at times, but also is painfully slow and grinding sludge drone at other times, creating some nice dynamics and emotion. I was skeptical when I read they used a drum machine, but I must admit this is one of the finest examples of hiding that fact I have come across. 'Deception Among Birds' is the type of album that you will keep finding new nuances you missed previously upon repeated listening. The album is not bogged down in a million time changes or far too busy for its own good. No, Harpoon have really mastered a balance between intricacy and subtlety on here but never forgetting the emotive quality of their music, which is what gives it its real personality. Controlled chaos thinking metal is what I would call it, this is my first experience with the band and I am pretty impressed.
(Dale Roy)


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