Father Befouled 'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace' review

'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace'
(Dark Descent Records)

This is Father Befouled's third release and I am extremely happy that I was able to hear and get a hold of this great band. 'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace' is nothing short of outstanding death metal that will leave all death metal maniacs drooling and begging for more. As evident by the 7 songs of bone crushing death metal, the band definitely sticks to the early 90s US death metal sound similar to Incantation, Immolation etc. but these metal warriors are not just posers ripping off their idols. They are extremely well trained musicians who know how to write and play their music. So while there are similarities to the mentioned bands and other mid 90s death metal bands Father Befouled also have a lot of creative ideas mixed within the heavy guitar and bass riffs. The drummer mixes it up a bit going from mid-paced beats before plunging into fast, uncontrolled assaults of rage, the vocalist is probably one of the best I have heard in some time with some of the deep death growls that are both sinister and demented in execution. If you are sick of all the god-awful metalcore bands or technical style bands and want a band that is pure death metal heaviness then give Father Befouled a listen and be prepared to be blown away.


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