Necrovation 'Necrovation' review

(Agonia Records)

Enough brutality to make your head bang like a maniac. This band can be a bit hard to digest at first, but then as the album progresses you discover interesting things, good guitar solos, the voice is shockingly sick and desperate, heavy and interesting riffs along with brutal drumming. They have the ability to create brutal songs, that's for sure, this isn't bad, but I guess they need to be more original in their style, we hear a lot of bands trying so hard to sound like the old Dismember or Entombed. If you're a fan of old metal, you'll find plenty to like about this band. Maybe they need more originality but at the end of the day they kick ass enough to make it a worthwhile listen. Definitely going to be looking forward to their next album.
(Paul Caravasi)



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