Xasthur 'Nightmares At Dawn'

'Nightmares At Dawn'
(Lo-Fi Creatures / Avantgarde Music)

Hearing this album the problem that I faced was how to deal with it: as a fan of Xasthur or as a fan of the DSBM and ambient sound? As a fan of Xasthur, this compilation gives a clear and complete picture of the one-man band’s history in the black metal scene, creating a depressive world. The songs depict Malefic’s way from the pure suicidal sound towards more ambient songs; thus this album cannot be easily heard. As a fan of BSBM and ambient black metal, this compilation is rather disappointing. On the one hand there are atmospheric songs, creating an absolutely horror and haunting scene, helping the listener to seek, find and reveal one’s dark feelings and emotions, with clear, amazing, and full of sickness vocalist moments, as in the case of ‘Losing Hand/Redemption’, ‘Society wants to Die’ and of course the title track. On the other hand, however, there are boring and monotonous songs, with no alterations in their style, where the vocals remind a man forgotten in a well, since the sound is like tape recorded in the early 1980s, such as ‘Degenerate Uprising’ and ‘Human Flotsam’. The re-recordings of ‘Suicide In Dark Serenity’, ‘Prison Of Mirrors’ and ‘Screaming At Forgotten Fears’ have not anything new to say to the listeners, whereas the cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘A National Acrobat’ is indifferent. . A quick note for the fans: ‘Nightmares At Dawn’ will be released in a digipack edition limited to only 100 copies, which will come along with a T-shirt, where the normal edition will be released in a jewelcase. As a result of the above, there will be two grades: the first as a fan of the band and the second as a fan of the DSBM and ambient black metal scene. Rating: 8/10 and 6/10 (leniently)
(Dark Alice's nightingale)

(This compilation album of odds and ends is allegedly Xasthur's posthumous swansong - ED) 


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