Heavy Cross 'Street Wolf' review

'Street Wolf' 7' EP
(Hells Headbangers)

The '80s are back upon us - the days of denim and leather, big motorcycles, big boobed chicks and pre-AIDS promiscuity, or at least that's what Heavy Cross want us to believe. And they're doing their job rather convincingly, as both songs on this 7" sound like they've been written 30 years ago, make of that what you will. "Speed Wolf", with its faster pace and more raw nerve is my pick for the (nearly) ultimate party metal song, some catchy guitars there and memorable choruses to warm your metal heart between two sips of the infamous Old No.7. "Red Light Woman" is more of a traditional rock 'n roller and mid-tempo, with the melodic guitars being the best part of the tune. Fans of NWOBHM and more recent bands such as Zuul or Convent Guilt need pay attention to the debut offering of Heavy Cross. This EP is some quality jolly affair, after all. [7]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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