Muknal 'Muknal' review

(Hells Headbangers)

Originally released on tape by Crepusculo Negro, 'Muknal' is now also made available on 12" wax by Hells Headbangers. Great news if your taste in music wanders the unlit realms of Hades, as these three songs are drenched in grotesque atmosphere and unworldly horror. While bands such as Incantation and Blasphemy shall undoubtedly be mentioned as referring points and influences to Muknal's sound, while listening to this I'm mostly reminded of long-time personal favourites Disembowelment - and those familiar with the Aussie's type of sonic nightmare should know by now what they'd be in for on this MLP. Gruesomely bottom-ended cacophony of souls screaming for vengeance, dismal dirges and insane speeds - stay clear of this if your main desire is for the music to provide a "pleasant" background to you while you're doing the dishes (chatting over the net, playing with the kitty etc.). Muknal might be "niche's niche" music but they do excel at what they're doing. Embrace the fear. Welcome, Muknal! [8]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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