King 'Forged By Satan's Doctrine' review

'Forged By Satan's Doctrine'

The opening couple tracks of this Columbian bands album had me worried. Those first tracks came off very generic, unimaginative and even seemed to lack energy or emotion. I am pleased to report though that things really pick up from there and the rest of 'Forged By Satan's Doctrine' is a pretty intense listen. When the band turns up the heat the drummer goes pretty insane beating his drums into submission with rapid fire blitzkrieg legs. To me I hear influences like the early albums of Deicide, Morbid Angel maybe mixed with a little Blasphemy, Angelcorpse type music. Good thing you need to judge upon the whole album as after a slow start, this album goes off the deep end and kicks your ass all over the place. Just intense!
(Dale Roy)


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