Oct 17, 2012

Superchrist 'Holy Shit' review

'Holy Shit'
(Hells Headbangers)

I am a Superchrist fan I can tell you that up front. It should be no secret though; as with Autopsy Kitchen Records, the label I co-founded with Jeffrey Kusbel, we released a Superchrist album ha-ha. Superchrist has changed up their sound a little since those days though, back then they were more of a really killer, talented punk-y Motorhead mixed with Iron Maiden clone. They also had quite the raunchy, fuck you I will spit beer in your face attitude. The attitude is subdued but pretty similar, the sound on the other hand has taken more of a melodic metal, hard rock and punk (well the punk was there before but different influences now) directional turn. I mean you can still hear small hints of Maiden and Motorhead, but I also am hearing influences like Bad Religion, The Ramones along with maybe stuff like Saxon, The Rods, Thin Lizzy and Diamond Head. Definitely musically they have gone in a friendlier, less raucous direction. I gotta admit it really does work for them and I enjoy what I hear. I might like their old sound a little better, but this is good too. There is definitely more of a light melody driven punchy air to their sound and pacing now. I mean the closing track “Beer Metal” reminds me a little more of their old sound and that is a cool track. Yes it is a new direction but if you like the influences I mentioned (I realize some of the extreme metal fans reading this are cringing right now ha-ha) about then you can always be sure Superchrist will deliver it all with quality and conviction. Check it out.
(Dale Roy)

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