Pandemonium 'Misanthropy' review

(Pagan Records / Gods Ov War Productions)

Finally after a huge package of promo discs graciously sent my way by Gods Ov War, much respect for this label. I have at last arrived at the crown jewel, which I purposely saved for last, always save the best for last. I have been anticipating this album for some time. Pandemonium are not one to disappoint, they prove why they are one of the best and are leading the way for the Polish metal scene! As some will remember from my review of their promo, I am long time listener and fan of the band as I tape traded for their 'Devilri' demo back in the early 90s and loved it. These Polish maniacs are old school metal through and through and all I have to say to that is fuck yeah! The atmosphere on this record is fantastic, very dark, doomy and eerie death metal that is often mid paced, always placing an emphasis on emotion and the overall listening experience. They have not set out to be the heaviest, fastest or most brutal but they do set out to immerse you in a metallically heavy experience and create a world that is steeped in evil, in depression, in darkness and despair. This is some masterful stuff, it is hard to just single out the riffing or the drums or the vocals as Pandemonium have created this entire album as a whole, an experience, not just a collection of cool songs or killer riffs. You can not just pick out one song, the listener should either listen to the whole album or not at all. I mean sure the doomy riffs are great, the obscure excellently varied vocal performance is good, the drumming is well done and crafted in a minimalist way to make sure the song and not the performance is what is important, but none stick out above the other and it was designed that way. I wish more bands were able to achieve something like this these days. I would not call this music retro but it always feels like it has an old school vibe to me, maybe that is more due to the musicians coming out of the old school and it is in their blood rather than a conscious projection. I am honestly having a hard time finding words for this album, it is a journey and a journey I plan to take again and again. I recommend some albums, but I place this one in the must own category. Pandemonium truly have out done themselves.
(Dale Roy)


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