Hallig '13 Keys To Lunacy' review

'13 Keys To Lunacy'
(Folter Records)

After listening to Hallig's debut '13 Keys To Lunacy' a few times one word comes to mind to describe this bands musical writing: brilliant. Musicially Hallig is rooted in fast yet atmospheric black metal. Guitar riffs are fast and full of fury with alot of melodies and the guitarists also know how to blend the melodies with some slower epic and acoustic guitar patterns. The vocals are a nice blend of raging demonic blackened shrieks and deep clean male vocal patterns that fit the acoustic parts perfectly. If you enjoy atmospheric black metal that isn't afraid to mix in both raging, violent black metal with the more melodic side of epic, atmospheric side of the style, then definitely check out Hallig today as they have done a great job on their debut release.


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