Spektr 'Cypher' review

(Agonia Records)

Spektr have created a very interesting but also kind of disturbing and morbid sounding release at the same time. The french band mixes elements of experimental black, industrial and even ambient music.There are some fast, chaotic guitar riffs blended with industrial noises and sounds that creates a very harsh sound but at the same time the band blends all these elements together for a really good outcome. The band mixes in some aggressive metal with heavier industrialized soundscapes throughout the entire album. It's hard to pick one favourite song as all the songs are really well done and blend together and it's better if you listen to 'Cypher' from start to finish. Spektr is definitely not a band for everyone to enjoy but if you are a fan of industrialized, experimental black metal with some melodic ambient interludes, then you might enjoy listening to Spektr's vision known as 'Cypher'.


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