Guilty As Sin 'Psychotronic' review


GUILTY AS SIN ain't what's deemed to be your usual 'safe' listen, that's much certain. How often you'll see trumpet, trombone, darbuka and (my personal faves!) finger cymbals and belly dancing being credited on the albums you own? Not that often, I reckon. The best part, however, is that their music contains zero seconds of messed up, boring and over pretentious 'think-outside-of-the-fuckin-box' mindlessness. Sure, the experimentation feels at home in these tunes, as the band shifts their gears a lot throughout the album – from up-beaten and odd sounding punky hardcore ditties (Boston,MA, should ring a bell for ya) in the first part of the disc, to the thrash/psychedelic mixture that is 'Addicted To Cyanide', all the way to the Middle East influenced 'Gobekli Tepe' one. And yet,there's more to come with the closing two songs putting me in mind of a giant VOIVOD/O.L.D. planet collision of sorts. Fuckin' impressive, that last one if you ask me. Do yourself a favour and get this. An unexpected, yet tasty treat here. [8]
(Vladimir Petrov) 


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