Hands Of Orlac 'Hands Of Orlac' review

'Hands Of Orlac'
(Horror Records)

With the ongoing resurgence of the occult/horror doom it makes sense that the Italians are one of those leading the charge. The old coffin spirit has always lurked in that particular scene and the debut (vinyl only nonetheless!) album of Hands Of Orlac proves that same notion, with songs that mix the macabre and morbid tones with clearly heavy metal-inspired passages and the occasional, high quality, flute parts. The band has really succeeded in their attempt to create a bone-chilling aural darkness, which is no small feat considering they're not relating on ultra low-tuned guitars and plodding riffs here. Instead, they've captured the spooky, uneasy, feeling of the unknown to near perfection and The Sorceress' vocals are matching the same vibe seamlessly. Leave it to ghouls at Horror Records to unleash yet another spectacular LP, which is available on both black and colored vinyl. 'Are you morbid?' [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 

 (CD version of the album should be available late February/early March 2012 by the new Irish label Blind Men and Occult Forces. Support! )


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