Council Of Tanith - 'The Wrath Of God' review

'The Wrath Of God'
(Sarlacc Productions)

The Irish love their metal being of the doomy variety, they surely do. I can only speculate as of the reasons why (the island's gloomy weather, nation's complicated history, the numerous morning afters – you name it), but this 12'' vinyl affair is yet another proof of that observation. Council Of Tanith jam through these 3 songs with real passion and knowledge for the style, give this a couple of spins and you'll feel the genuine doom vibe (slowly) getting under your skin. Crow's narrative vocals might require some time getting used to, but they eventually fall in place with the heavy, thumbing low-end, and the sorrowful riffs that dominate the tracks. No gimmicks, no bullshit, just quality doom that should be right up their alley to people who appreciate their Sabbath/Pentagram/St. Vitus mixed with bits of Manilla Road's epic vibe. Kudos to the band for making reference to all those cornerstones of quality metal music in the finishing part of 'Final Rest' – nice touch, indeed! [7,5] 


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