Clawhammer PR giveaway!

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 Everyone loves free stuff, that goes without saying.

Thanks to the amazing support from the hard working Clawhammer PR we are now running a giveaway that will make one of you owner of 4 recent albums that are bound to smash your head in! The pack includes one copy each of the following releases:

VORE - 'Gravehammer'
HEMOPTYSIS - 'Misanthropic Slaughter'
DEGRADATION - 'Juggernaut'
HAMMER FIGHT - 'Hammer Fight'

To participate, just send your mailing address to:
deadvoiddreams [at] 

We'll pick the winner at random, contest will close at midnight, EET, on January 31st.

Dead Void Dreams and Clawhammer PR wish you HEAVY NEW YEAR!

Contest is closed now, thanks for the entries!

The winner is Philipp 'Lobi' Daskalopoulos from Germany - congrats!

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