Impiety 'Ravage & Conquer' review

'Ravage & Conquer'
(Pulverised Records)

In theory yours truly and Impiety should be a match made in hell (I couldn't bring myself to write 'heaven' in this review, right?), just like a Russian oligarch and finest caviar on a yacht cruising around a gorgeous Caribbean island. In truth, well, not really. At least not to the extend I'd hoped for, anyway. Yes - this is relentlessly fast, drums are practically blasting non-stop all the time and Impiety are accomplished players who know their way around the chosen instruments, playing them with megatons of vigour and dedication. But, there's always a but or two. Despite some memorable, usually slower, parts scattered in some of those (rather lengthy I might add) tracks the only thing I'd remember is how high the tempo is. That's not bad in itself but it hardly leaves the same impact that the better bands in the genre use to mercilessly assault the listeners with. 'Ravage & Conquer' doesn't possess that extra punch and grit of bands such as Revenge or Kerasphorus, for example. The production on this is  also somehow off, the vocals seem like just slapped over the extra loud drums, while the guitars are lacking the mastodon sound that's required. An album that's neither fish nor meat, much less beluga caviar. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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