Denial Of God 'Death And The Beyond' review

'Death And The Beyond'
(Hells Headbangers)

If one is planning to pay a visit to the crypt those Danes have been dwelling in for the last two decades, now the time is right as you'd be greeted by their most accomplished work to date. Sure, metal is a young man's game, we all have heard that saying more than once, yet the old guard is more than capable at times to dismiss the cliché and Denial Of God are one of the better examples of that. The band has easily morphed all their different influences to create a creepy vibe that's presented throughout the whole album, silently whispering all but forgotten names from the glorious past of our beloved metal in the process. Black metal, doomy psychedelics, heavy metal - you name it and rest assured you'd be able to discover all these in 'Death And The Beyond' (amazing title IMO!). Fans of modern day super-duper 'technical' playing, triggered-to-death drums and brickwalled sound, please, stay clear of this - you'd not get it, anyway. Good riddance. Die. However, all those who love the genuine atmosphere of good old metal done with clarity, class and dignity should invest their time and listen to this - you'd be rewarded, that's much certain. This album is a definitive keeper for a whole generation of fans, fiends and immortals. Chapeau, Denial Of God! [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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