Mongrel's Cross 'The Sins Of Aquarius' review

'The Sins Of Aquarius'
(Hells Headbangers)

Lets not start beating around the bush, time is precious: Mongrel's Cross are Australian (Queensland, more precisely) and they're on HHR. Yes, this is devastating, take no prisoners, Oz-style black/death/thrash amalgam that's full on on aggression, pummelling drumming, flesh-tearing vocals and a constant barrage of riffs, riffs and even more motherfuckin' riffs that will smash your head in with ease. As viciously sounding as these songs are this is made even more impressive by the band's ability of managing firm control over the playing and song structures, less Bestial Warlust trademarked chaos and more of an Assaulter / Razor Of Occam malevolently thrashing vibe off this monster, especially with those guitar rhythms and solos. 'The Sins Of Aquarius' is a seven-headed beast of an album, straight from the sulphurous pits , clawing at you with steel talons designed and sharpened by the likes of Sodom, Bathory and Frost - this one charges forth with megatons of lethal vigour and skill. You'd have to be nuts to miss out on this band. [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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